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Master Joaquin Pinkard

Master Joaquin Pinkard is a 5th Degree black belt in Taekwondo, a Korean Martial Art. He has studied and practiced Taekwondo for more than 30 years. He continues to participate in competitions throughout the year, coach/teach regular classes in Georgia and other states. He also hosts his annual tournament, the Southeast Open Taekwondo Championship, AAU Georgia Grassroots Seminar and other Taekwondo Seminars throughout the country.

*      2017 US OPEN Champion
*      AAU National Champion for 10 years & Multiple state Championships
*      NASTA / ATU National Champion  & Puerto Rico Championships
*      USA Olympic Qualifying Competitor for 2000
*      Multiple International Championship Competitions
*      Hosts Annual Tournaments in GA, and other states

Master Joaquin also likes golf, tennis, football , reading and painting.

His Philosophy

Master Joaquin Pinkard considers Taekwondo a way of life to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. He encourages his students to never give up and to reach their goals in life through repetition, hard work and dedication. He believes that Taekwondo helps each of us become a better person by learning discipline and self-control.

*      Dedicated his life and time to help kids become a better person and to build character
*      Coaches kids to become national team members and help them achieve their goals
*      Strive to be involved in the lives of his students and help them develop life skills

Instructor Scott Howard

Mr. Scott Howard is a Kukkiwon certified first degree black belt in Taekwondo. He has studied martial arts for 6 years and has competed nationally. Mr. Howard is a JTC West Cobb competition team coach as well as an instructor. He has trained under Master Joaquin Pinkard for 3 years and trained under many other instructors in the area giving him a breadth of knowledge in Taekwondo. 

Mr. Howard competed and won gold in the 2015 AAU Nationals Tournament in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Both of his children also train and compete in Taekwondo which includes Madison (13 yrs old Black Belt) and Scotty (6 yrs old green belt).

Mr. Howard also enjoys golf, technology, football, soccer, being a father.

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